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The Zeirdos - and the red arrow

The Zeirdos - and the red arrow


The Red Arrow is the first tale of the Zeirdos, preceding the books and introducing the characters, Jaque, Kiko, Luís, and Luiza. The four of them are part of the students who are called "zeirdos," a play on the word "weirdos," by the popular students at school. The students, in order to tease and taunt, engage in bullying by calling them "zeirdos" or the abbreviation "zeir". The four main characters are above all curious and courageous; there is no mystery they don"t want to unravel, and they are capable of getting into the biggest messes to discover the truth. Come with the Zeirs" gang to uncover these mysteries. The zeirdos are dedicated to all boys and girls who deviate from the standard of beauty, habits, interests, or tastes considered normal. They are intelligent, good-humoured, creative, friendly, and have many friends, but they are outside the standard of their schoolmates.