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The Late Matia Pascal - Pirandello

The Late Matia Pascal - Pirandello


Luigi Pirandello was an Italian writer and playwright, author of enormously successful works such as "The Late Mattia Pascal" and "The Outcast." "The Late Mattia Pascal" tells the story of the titular character who, after successive misfortunes in life, culminating in an unwanted marriage, has the opportunity to start his life anew after winning a fortune in France and, at the same time, is declared dead in his hometown. Returning to Italy, he decides to live in Rome, where he begins a new life with a new identity. Disappointed with his existence and challenged to a duel, he fakes a second death, ultimately deciding to resume his former existence: an existence that no longer exists. "The Late Mattia Pascal" was one of the works that contributed most to the author's popularity, both within Italy and internationally. In 1934, Luigi Pirandello was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.