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Seize the future, not the past! Strategy is the essential tool of any manager. In a world where disruption, digitalization and globalization has changed the rules of the game for managers, there is a need to learn from history and update your practice of strategy. This book offers an overview of modern and post-modern perceptions of strategy and is an inspiration for managers wanting to seize the future.
Based on the notion to the world is best viewed as paradoxes – contradictions rather than dualisms – the book presents a state-of-the-art view of strategy theory in the light of a future that is bound to be complex and increasingly complex for the future-oriented manager.

In order to conquer the future, you will need to rethink, innovate and create new business. Offering insight and knowledge from two seasoned and innovative authors, the book will inspire the reader to think of – and rethink – his or her approach to strategy in practice.