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Onlearning. How disruptive education reinvents learning

Onlearning. How disruptive education reinvents learning


Onlearning - How disruptive education reinvents learning brings a new concept, which appears as a response to the desire for change in education, specifically in education for executives, in the face of the exponential and out-of-sync transformations of society, which happen through technology and revolutionize organizations, people's lives and customs; with the aim of extracting the best from this evolution and expanding it in a maximized way into executive learning.
The work consists of three parts: Part I deals with the history of work–oriented education, executive education, and business schools. It shows how the teaching of Administration was formalized, mainly by business schools, and what learning and cognition methodologies were developed by the various thinkers of the 19th and 20th centuries, whose models have repercussions until today.
Part II outlines the scenario in which technology and digital transformation are consolidated as fundamental means for creating disruption in the most diverse areas of knowledge and industry sectors. It approaches how Clayton Christensen's theory of disruptive strategy defies the logic of traditional innovation, as well as what are the effects of new technologies on the economy, society and people's lives, and how fast are they advancing to become accessible, radically transforming reality.
Finally, Part III deals with education and Saint Paul's disruptive proposal for executive education, Onlearning. It reflects on the need for education to concretely impact technological evolution in a broad way, in its economic and social aspect. It ends by presenting 20 conclusions on Onlearning, featuring objectives, actions, and projections for the future of education, based on the proposal to reinvent education through the resources that technology and digital transformation make available to everyone.