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Marco Lucchesi: star-poetics-labyrinth

Marco Lucchesi: star-poetics-labyrinth


This book brings gathered essays (revised and expanded) by Ana Maria Haddad Baptista, published in several books and magazines about Marco Lucchesi's set of works.Marco Lucchesi was born in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), in 1963, and currently presides the Academia Brasileira de Letras (ABL). He occupies the chair number 15. Poet, novelist, essayist, memoirist, professor and translator, he is bachelor in History from Universidade Federal Fluminense. He obtained the Master and Doctor degrees in Science of Literature from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and post-doctorate degree in Renaissance Philosophy at the University of Cologne, Germany. He travels, with wisdom, through more than twenty languages. Just to exemplify some of his publications, he is the author of the novels like O bibliotecário do Imperador (The emperor's librarian), O Dom do Crime (The gift of crime) and Adeus, Pirandello (Goodbye,Pirandello). Domínios da insônia (Domains of Insomnia) gather, in large part, his poetic legacy. As a translator, among so many books that we could metion, he translated into Portuguese works by the Italians Primo Levi and Umberto Eco, by the Persian Rûmî, by the Russian Khlebnikov, by the Czech Rainer Maria Rilke, by the Pakistani Mohammed Iqbãl. Full Professor of Comparative Literature at UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro). Doctor Honoris Causa from Tibiscus and Aurel Vlaicu Universities in Romania. He has lectured at several universities around the world. His books have been translated into more than ten languages.