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Little Women - Alcott

Little Women - Alcott


"Little Women", a timeless evocation of idealized family life, was an instant success and became one of America's most beloved classic novels. Little Women tells the story of the four March sisters, who grew up in New England against the backdrop of the Civil War. The narrative details their struggles with poverty and hardships, their moral failings, and their disillusionments. Since its first publication in 1889, Little Women, an autobiographical novel of Louisa May Alcott's own childhood, has become a classic for its warm and poignant portrayal of family life. The work has been adapted into film and television. The most recent adaptation was the movie "Little Women", which received no fewer than six nominations for the 2020 Oscars, securing the third place in the Best Picture category. The novel, Little Women, is a classic that is part of the famous collection: "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die."