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Introduction to combat shooting

Introduction to combat shooting


Discover the secrets of the art of combat shooting in this broad and innovative book, titled "Introduction to Combat Shooting – Scientific Foundations, Training, and Application for Instructors and Trainees". By author Lucas Silveira, founder of the Brazilian Academy of Firearms and the prestigious DEFESA Institute, this book presents itself as an indispensable guide to both the aficionado and the professional in this area. With a science-based approach, the author explores the essential principles of combat shooting, offering a deep understanding of the theoretical and practical basis necessary for effective training. From the meticulous biomechanical analysis of the moves to the application strategies, each aspect is thoroughly unveiled to guarantee the development of solid and efficient abilities. Furthermore, the book offers detailed orientation to instructors, providing a solid structure for the transmission of knowledge and combat shooting techniques. To the trainees, valuable guidelines that aim to improve their proficiency and the conquest of an unparalleled skill, turning them into confident and highly skilled shooters. Presenting as the result of years of experience, practice and thorough research, Lucas Silveira presents a complete and accessible material, going from the fundamentals to the advanced techniques in the area of combat shooting. This book, therefore, is of invaluable importance to those interested in acquiring solid and updated knowledge in the field. Get ready to hone your skills, gather evidence-based knowledge and dominate the art of combat shooting. "Introduction to Combat Shooting" will lead you to an unique trail of learning, allowing you to reach your full potential as a shooter. Do not lose the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating and challenging world that awaits you.