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Intercultural studies in performing arts

Intercultural studies in performing arts


The anthology Intercultural Studies in Performing Arts presents essays developed in the light of dance, theatre, music, and performance - by researchers whose thoughts arise from the transit between cultures. These chapters explore the influence of intercultural approaches on performance processes in a post-globalization context. There is an intensification of interaction and dialogue between artists and arts from different countries, but also within countries. Based on the questions "How to think interculturalism in this century?" and "What current productions and reflections contribute to thinking about intercultural dialogue?", several artists and researchers from Brazilian and foreign institutions discussed their current state of research with a focus on intercultural approaches in the 21st century, anthropology of performance, cultural appropriation, diaspora, displacements, etc. We invite readers to enjoy the collection with a hot beverage of their choice and to be attentive to the fragrances of peace and silence that will quietly unfold in a new time.