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I survived

I survived


"I Survived: My Book of Memories" is more than just an adventure tale. It's a raw and powerful account of a young man's life, marked by loss, suffering, and anguish. Driven to desperation by the relentless spread of poverty in his home, he makes the drastic decision to abandon his studies and plunge into a life of crime. Little did he know that this path, fraught with violence and death, would make him a target of revenge-seeking former friends, law enforcement, and lethal extermination squads of the era. Caught in this whirlwind of chaos and despair, he finds himself at a loss for how to survive. As the noose tightens and his friends fall victim to brutal murders, he takes a life-altering step. "I Survived" is a testament to the fact that our choices can lead us down various paths, but only one path leads to life. Dive into this book and uncover the journey for yourself.