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Boomeran - vol 1

Boomeran - vol 1


The miniseries consists of three volumes. Australia is a country with a stabilized economy and significant growth in the international market, but some men do not like this prosperity. Doctor Zealot is one of these men. Along with Worm, a laboratory-created aberration, he wants to create an ecological disaster that could embarrass the Australian government in front of world governments. In the interior of the country, there are still Aboriginal tribes living according to ancient traditions. In one of these tribes, Roderick, a white man raised following native traditions, grows up with incredible boomerang-handling skills alongside Riley, his brother in reincarnation, more than in blood, a tracker with telepathic abilities. Doctor Zealot's plan will take an unexpected turn but intends to affect the native tribes and brings forth Boomeran and Crawl. It's the beginning of the story of Boomeran and Crawl, the story of two men raised as brothers, fighting for the preservation of their land and people.