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Biographical dictionary of refugees of nazi fascism in Brazil

Biographical dictionary of refugees of nazi fascism in Brazil


They were musicians, writers, painters, actors, scientists, mathematicians, architects, doctors, photographers, dancers, businessmen and even circus clowns, police officers and football coaches. All refugees from nazi fascism, who sought salvation from 1933 onwards. They are remembered in 300 illustrated biographies, representing the thousands of fugitives who made or remade their lives and careers in Brazil and contributed so much to Brazilian society. Each trajectory, an epic, from birth and training in the Old World, the terrible dangers and sufferings faced with the arrival of Nazism, the struggles and adventures to escape, obtain visas and embark towards freedom. The Dictionary of Refugees from Nazi fascism in Brazil reports all this. It is yet another publication by Casa Stefan Zweig, based in Petrópolis and dedicated to the dissemination and study of the work of the great Austrian writer who died here and the role of refugees who, like him, escaped from the totalitarianism.