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AGATA Vip: Sweet Fetish

AGATA Vip: Sweet Fetish


Agata is an exciting european Series for those who admire the greatest work of art: the woman. Always light and fun, Agata comes with the Top of the Top in terms of  gorgeous women nude, vintage cartoon, hentay, supercars, real amateurs, cars, yachts, jets, hot erotic stories... among other nice surprises. It's always fascinating to see what secret kinks and fetishes women have that they're just now beginning to talk about and that's the subject of this  Agata Series Book 16: Sweet Fetish. As you know, Fetish may be related to a bewitched object or behavior, part of the body, or object that arouses sexual excitement. In this atmosphere of mysterious and vibrant sensations, this 16th issue of Agata brings you wonderful and exciting girls, once again to play with your imagination and desires.  Agata 16 is unmissable!