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AGATA Vip: Seductive Kitchen

AGATA Vip: Seductive Kitchen


Agata Vip is a precious european series for those who admire the greatest work of art: the woman. Always light and fun, Agata comes with the Top of the Top in terms of  gorgeus women nude, vintage cartoon, hentay, supercars, yachts, jets, real erotic stories... among other nice surprises. Think about the kitchen, a place in our homes with inviting aromas and flavors, feelings of warmth, cozy, and delicious. Now put a Agata in a kitchen. Yes! In this issue: Agata book 6 - Seductive Kitchen, that is the place our lovely, beautiful, and delicious nymphs are waiting for you. Regardless of your culinary taste, you can be sure that your appetite will be sharpened with this tasty read.