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AGATA Vip: From Russia With Love

AGATA Vip: From Russia With Love


Agata Vip is a precious european Series for those who admire the greatest work of art: the woman. Always light and fun, Agata comes with the Top of the Top in terms of  beautiful and sensual  women nudes, vintage cartoon, hentay, supercars, real amateurs, cars, yachts, jets, real erotic stories... among other nice surprises. Agata Book 10: From Russia With Love, presents 21 gorgeous, sexy, astonishing Agatas from Russia. Awesome! Yes, awesome is the best word to describe it. Russian women are a special kind. They are attractive by nature, yet always dress nicely. Russians women also love vodka, are superstitious, flashy, and did we mention beautiful? In a few words, you cannot miss this 10th issue of Agata . Finally, to take your Agatas for a ride, nothing beats a Lamborghini Aventador, the everyone's dream car, also present in this edition.