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Those who want more, Create Focus!

Those who want more, Create Focus!


We have been increasingly bombarded with a huge amount of information, numerous forms of media, technologies and an avalanche of knowledge and impulses that is historically unprecedented. In these times of multiple crises, we have lost our references and therefore, it is essential to have a clear DIRECTION of where we want to arrive. Hence the importance of having FOCUS, especially because we are beings with infinite possibilities of choices and a finite capacity of accomplishment. Contrary to what many people believe, having focus is far from being boring or stressful. Being focused does not mean you turn a blind eye to life. It means being open to success! In "Those who want more, CREATE FOCUS!", the author, Isaias Eufrosino Rodrigues, shows us how focusing can be something quite light and enjoyable if we allow ourselves to view focus from a new perspective. Focusing does not mean hitting the bullseye. It means taking the right Direction! The book presents, in the form of a Guide, the CRIAFOCO method. The easy, intuitive and illustrated language allows each person to map their restlessness, establish FOCUS and create a step-by-step process to achieve it, using the best of their intelligence. The goal is to provide the reader with an experience in the art of focusing while the concepts are presented. With ATTITUDE and FOCUS, Isaias learned how to build his trajectory of success and decided to share his secret to create and focus. Capable of transforming restlessness into projects and dreams into reality, without magic or sophistication, CRIAFOCO was born of the insistent, repetitive and deliberate practice of creative process concepts and methodologies combined with planning, management and personal achievement. CRIAFOCO is for all those who need FOCUS, DIRECTION and MEANING for their lives. Those who are in-tune, mobilized toward their direction, housewives and non-digital entrepreneurs. Everyone who currently doesn't have time, the manner or the desire to navigate in this world of excessive information and little direction. It is for the restless and discontent who bravely seek a way to make their dreams come true or to do what needs to be done!