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In this historical book, the author tries to tell the audience how the occupation of the Brazilian Cerrado Biome took place, which began in the 1970s and today places Brazil as the world's largest grain exporter. When President Juscelino Kubitschek built Brasília, he was criticized a lot because he was building a capital in the "middle of nowhere", and it really was true. The soil, in addition to not having any fertility, had no technology to make it productive. Initially, the president's boldness only served to show Brazilians the size of their country. Later, another visionary, also from Minas Gerais of the same lineage, Alysson Paolinelli managed to show that with technology and a lot of effort, these lands could become productive and for this he had the support of BDMG (Development Bank of Minas Gerais) that believed in his vision and took over the implementation of the various programs that served to demonstrate the feasibility of producing in the cerrado. The success of this initiative spread throughout Brazil, where the Cerrado Biome existed. The book also shows that all this growth in our agricultural production took place with only eight hundred, twenty thousand properties out of a total of five million, five hundred thousand that Brazil owns. The book also describes the various failed initiatives to occupy Brazilian soil, including the Amazon biome. Finally, the book shows that the occupation of the cerrado served as a real shield to divert the focus from the dangerous occupation of the Amazon in the same way it was being done. Alysson Paolinelli The recent nominee to the Nobel Peace Prize is also the author of the Foreword of this book